June 19th - June 25th

48th Fiesta Week

10 Amazing Pavillions

Fiesta Week 2022

Fiesta Week 2022

New York

About Fiesta Week


The Oshawa Folk Arts Council (OFAC) is a non-profit organization that aids in sustaining and celebrating the cultural diversity and multicultural communities of Oshawa. For 45 years, the OFAC has brought together over 15 local non-profit cultural groups (pavilions) for a weeklong, annual multi-cultural family celebration across Oshawa called Fiesta Week.

Fiesta Week in it's entirety is presented, organized and run by volunteers from across the board, from OFAC Board of Directors to the cooks in the kitchen, all the way to the 4 year old dancing on the stage.

All of the proceeds from Fiesta Week directly support our local non-profit cultural organizations. These proceeds allow OFAC to continue on serving the community through the years and for generations to come.

We are excited about celebrating the cultural diversity and multicultural communities that make Oshawa a great place to be. Here's to another successful Fiesta Week!

Upcoming Events

Starting at 12:30 pm

Fiesta Day Parade

Oshawa, ON
Starting at 2:30 pm
See Pavillions for start times

10 Pavillions OPEN!

Oshawa, ON

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